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ScoutDNS August Update #2

As promised we have just released the 2nd August update that includes an industry first level feature while also reorganizing some existing functionality. Zero Trust


ScoutDNS August Update

We just rolled out an August update (expecting at least two this month). In addition to new functionality and analytics in our Insights tab, we


New Top Abusers in Top-Level Domains

Spamhaus recently released their updated Q2 Botnet Threat Report. There is a lot of good data within the report detailing the heavy increase in Command


5 DNS Layer Actions to Fight Malware

Proper cybersecurity begins with layers and monitoring the DNS layer will give you a better position for insuring a healthy and safe network. Here are


100 Most Popular TLDs by Google Index

We constantly analyze domain information to better understand the internet and manage security risk factors. We like URL indexing versus total domain registrations in evaluating


How to Limit DNS Bypass on Unifi Gateway

Several of our small business, nonprofit, and education customers run Ubiquiti networks and so I thought it would be helpful to answer the following question

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