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Enterprise Grade Power

Small Business Ease of Use

Centralized Cloud Based Management

Manage your content and security controls from a single screen whether you have one campus or a thousand. Each campus can have up to four different network and policy settings allowing a high level of control within the same campus.
Manage Multiple Locations Create Different Policies By Network Role Based Access Multi-Tenant Object Based Configuration
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Policy - Settings 1 (2)

Global Anycast Network

Our global anycast network built across data center points around the world helps to enable 100% DNS uptime operations for customer networks and their users.
  • Multiple Global Data Centers
  • Continues Peering Optimization
  • Regional Log Storage
  • Low Latency Worldwide
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A.I. Powered Web Content Filtering

Rest easy knowing your locations are protected by one of the largest A.I. Powered URL and domain databases available benefiting from up to 60 million new URL scans daily.
  • Over 12 Billion A.I and Human Categorized URLs
  • Real-time Domain Scans
  • Millions Of New URLs Categorized Daily
  • 67 Domain Categories
  • Unlimited Custom Policies
Group 41039

Powerful Internet Threat Protection

DNS filtering provides a powerful layer of security to prevent ransomware, phishing scams, and specific DNS protocol based attacks.
  • DNS Layer Botnet Protection
  • Stops Known Ransomeware, Malware, And Phishing Sites
  • Blocks Unknown Zero-Day Site Threats With Realtime DNS Inspection
  • Manage Allowed Record Type Via Policy
Group 41041
Group 41042

Data Insights, Reporting, And Logs

Get access to real-time logs with full export capabilities to better track activity by location and network.
  • Realtime Data Availability
  • Activity by Domain, Category, Top Level Domain, Record Type
  • DNS Message Inspection
  • Full Log Export
Group 41042

Custom Lists

Take complete control of allowed and blocked sites through custom lists.
  • Manage Global Allow/Block
  • Create Custom Whitelist Entries
  • Create Custom Blacklist Entries
  • Inclusion Shield Whitelist only mode
Group 41043
Group 41044

Application Filter

Control application access on your network to better manage bandwidth and user behavior.
  • Manage 12 Application Categories
  • Filter Bandwidth Heavy Apps
  • Control Gaming And Social Media Access
  • Block P2P (Peer-To-Peer) Related Sites
Group 41044

Force Safe Search

Protect users from inappropriate content within search engine web, image, and video results.
  • One Click Network Wide Safe Search
  • Google Safe Mode
  • Bing Safe Mode
  • Auto-block All Non-Safe Search Engines
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YouTube Safe Mode

Take advantage of YouTube content controls supporting all protected modes. Filter mature videos from YouTube on networks even when you have no control of the end user devices.
  • One Click Network Wide Restrictions
  • Strict Content Mode
  • Moderate Content Mode
  • Google G Suite Supported
Group 41046

Ad Blocker

Web based ads are more than just inconvenient, they are an actual security risk. Additionally, ad based content can be mature in focus. Reduce these risks with our Ad Block feature.
  • Prevent Inappropriate Content Within Ads
  • Protection Against Hidden Ad Based Malware
  • Improve Page Load Speeds With Less Clutter
  • Blocks Most Ad Networks
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