ScoutDNS Most Abused Top Level Domains List – November 2020

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About the Report

This is a look at aggregate threats sorted by Top Level Domains from across our global user base for November 2020. While reports such as the monthly DAAR TLD Threat Assessment showcase total known threats as reported through DAAR to ICAAN, our report shows the usage pattern from actual users counting total threats stopped. This data is by no means meant to be web-wide authoritative, but rather just a snapshot of data from us as a single provider (ScoutDNS).

Data Used

We are counting aggregate threats resolved from all domains supporting six threat categories we track which include: Malware C&C, Phishing, Adware, Malicious Scripts, Infected Hosts, and Viruses. Our users come from a broad set and include nonprofits, schools, retailers, small business, healthcare, government, and enterprise located mostly in North America, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

Changes Since Last

The top 5 remain mostly the same with the exception that .name has fallen completely outside the top 30, when in the last report was at #4. It has been replaced inside the top 5 with .moe


 Top 30 Abused TLDs

TLD Percent
com 64.84%
net 16.55%
eu 8.45%
moe 6.49%
co 8.14%
info 7.87%
org 0.74%
it 0.47%
ru 0.43%
racing 0.40%
mobi 0.31%
life 0.30%
io 0.29%
xyz 0.29%
club 0.20%
cc 0.20%
me 0.18%
cn 0.15%
live 0.13%
de 0.13%
ch 0.13%
pw 0.12%
in 0.07%
stream 0.07%
au 0.06%
site 0.06%
top 0.06%
gm 0.05%
fr 0.04%
vip 0.04%

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