Smart Fridge at Retail Store Displays PornHub Page

Another retail porn incident nearly occurred recently when one group of mischievous shoppers decided to point the display on a smart fridge to Pornhub at a major London retailer. According to a spokesperson, only the logo was shown as the store uses content filtering to prevent inappropriate material.

This is not the first such incident involving a fridge at a retailer.  John McAfee famously posted a picture of a smart fridge displaying full blown pornographic material from a major US home improvement retailer back in 2016. Such episodes highlight the importance of retailers taking precautions to limit the possibility of obscene material in stores by using common sense content filtering policies.

While certain types of public entities have been required by law to filtering obscene content, more retailers are catching on. Last year Starbucks announced it was adding porn filters to their quest WiFi in order to create a safe space for everyone in their stores.

At ScoutDNS, we are about to release a new tool that makes testing and verifying safe internet spaces easy and free to anyone managing a network.

Stay tuned….

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