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DNS Filtering Explained


It’s been estimated that over 90% of malicious threats use DNS to some degree.  What is DNS Filtering? DNS Filtering analyzes DNS requests made on your network and takes action to allow or block such requests based on policy. It works by having a recursive DNS server with added functionality to understand configured polices, recognize […]

Smart Fridge at Retail Store Displays PornHub Page


Another retail porn incident nearly occurred recently when one group of mischievous shoppers decided to point the display on a smart fridge to Pornhub at a major London retailer. According to a spokesperson, only the logo was shown as the store uses content filtering to prevent inappropriate material. This is not the first such incident […]

Unifi Content Filtering


In this post we will take an in-depth look at Unifi content filtering. A good 20%+ of our user base operates on Unifi hardware and as such we often get asked about Unifi features and configurations. In this post we will discuss why ScoutDNS is such a good option for Unifi networks users. In controller […]

Are Search Engines Breaking your CIPA Compliance?


One of the biggest DNS filtering solution on the planet is not actually CIPA compliant on its own. Claiming to have tens of thousands of schools and being the “easiest way to achieve CIPA”, it would be critical to make sure schools get this right as their compliance is in large part tied to funding […]

YouTube Safe Mode with G Suite Explained


YouTube is a powerful tool with many functional uses. Aside from the obvious entertainment aspects, there are near endless hours worth of educational/informational content free and available to anyone with a connection. While YouTube is indeed a treasure trove of learning, there exists a great deal of objectionable content particularly for children. YouTube policies strictly limit […]