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New Relay Caching Feature v1.3.1

Excited to announce we have added caching to the ScoutDNS relays. This allows the fastest possible queries to users and devices on network with sub-millisecond response times.

Caching works for all subnet policies on any existing Relay running version 1.3 and up and there is nothing admins need to configure in order to deploy. All existing relays should be auto-updated by now.

A recap of our relay advantages:

  • Zero touch configure and remote deployment options
  • Deploy and manage policies by network subnets
  • Encrypt all DNS traffic to our cloud service using DNS over HTTPS
  • Gain LAN IP level query reporting of all devices without the need of an agent

Relay caching not only improves performance for all users and devices on the network, but it can also greatly stabilize DNS for mobile and remote satellite connected networks as well.

Learn More

You can learn more about relay configuration from our knowledge base here:

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