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DAAR TLD Threat Report – June 2020

The Domain Abuse Activity Reporting System just released its June report on Generic Top Level Domains. In it we see that security threats were reported in 349 out of the 1123 generic top level domains that DAAR received data on. There were a little over 207 Million domains within these 1123 gTLDs as of June 30th. This compares to 351 out of 1137 gTLDs in May.

Here are the key stats as of June 30th:

  • 85% of all resolving domains are in Legacy (pre 2010) gTLDs
  • 349 of 1123 gTLDs contained a total of 604,165 known domain threats
  • 65.35% of identified domain threats were in Legacy gTLDs
  • 34.65% of identified domain threats were in New gTLDs
  • 90% of New gTLD domain threats were identified in just 21 of these gTLDs
  • 90% of Legacy gTLD domain threats were identified¬† in just 1 of these gTLDs

This report only concerns data DAAR receives on 1137 gTLD while there are in fact now over 1588 TLDs in use today.

Keep in mind the organizations that share data with DAAR are unable to see all domain threats and as such network admins can significantly reduce their exposure to known and unknown threats by limiting availability of gTLDs to only those required by business use case.

The full report can be found here: https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/daar-monthly-report-30jun20-en.pdf

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