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What is a Warrant Canary? 

A warrant canary is a way for organizations to signal whether they’ve received certain legal requests from the government without violating the law. They do this by publicly stating they haven’t received such requests, and if they do, they remove or update the statement to alert users without directly saying it.
ScoutDNS lists the following Canary Statements.
  1. ScoutDNS has never been served a blind subpoena from any agency.
  2. ScoutDNS has never compromised, weakened, or undermined its encryption in response to requests from law enforcement or other third parties.
  3. ScoutDNS has never altered customer content at the request of law enforcement or any other third party.
  4. ScoutDNS has never redirected DNS responses to different destinations at the request of law enforcement or any other third party.
  5. ScoutDNS has never deployed any law enforcement software or equipment anywhere within our network.
  6. ScoutDNS has never granted any law enforcement agency access to our customers’ content as it passes through our network.
  7. ScoutDNS has never disclosed its encryption or authentication keys to any entity.