How We Mitigate Cache Poison Attacks Like SAD DNS

Last week a new DNS vulnerability was introduced by researchers that had affected the majority of DNS resolver software as well as most major open resolvers on the internet. As of this week, most providers have taken steps to mitigate the vulnerability.  As a network security solution, any threat is a top concern to us. […]

ScoutDNS Most Abused Top Level Domains List – October 2020

About the Report This is a look at aggregate threats sorted by Top Level Domains from across our global user base for October 2020. While reports such as the monthly DAAR TLD Threat Assessment showcase total known threats as reported through DAAR to ICAAN, our report shows the usage pattern from actual users counting total […]

DAAR TLD Threat Report – October 2020

It’s been a few months since we have commented on the DAAR TLD monthly threat report. It’s interesting to note that since our last update, there has been a significant increase in both overall known threats tracked by DARR, as well as the percent of threats in newer gTLDs. The Domain Abuse Activity Reporting System just released […]