ScoutDNS August Update #2

As promised we have just released the 2nd August update that includes an industry first level feature while also reorganizing some existing functionality. Zero Trust Top Level Domain Management with TLD Lists In general release is an industry first feature we have been teasing for some time now. TLD List management allows admins to create […]

ScoutDNS August Update

We just rolled out an August update (expecting at least two this month). In addition to new functionality and analytics in our Insights tab, we have updated our colors to match our new logo and set the default side bar to collapsed. Here is the run down: Add to Allow or Block list directly from […]

New Top Abusers in Top-Level Domains

Spamhaus recently released their updated Q2 Botnet Threat Report. There is a lot of good data within the report detailing the heavy increase in Command and Control/Botnet threats as others have observed during 2020. We’ve spent some time detailing threats¬†related to managing TLDs and so pertaining to this we will focus on a couple of […]