100 Customers, 300+ Networks, 8 Countries

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It was only 11 months ago that we launched an easy, effective, and affordable solution to internet protection and content filtering built from the ground up. We didn’t have investors with a ton of capital to run huge advertising campaigns and most of what we earned would go back into the product. I wasn’t really sure what to expect in  terms of growth, but I thought if we could get to 50 subscribers by the end of the year, that would be success.

Here we are, 30 days from year one, and I am proud to say we have just reached 100 unique subscriptions comprising over 300 different networks across 8 countries. Our customers churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations of all types. In addition, we have small government, a few service providers, and even a real estate company managing multiple retail locations.

This journey has been exciting, and truly one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my career.  I want to say thank you to all of the customers who believed in us early on, providing feedback, and helping us get here. We will do our best to continue driving innovative options at a cost organizations can afford.

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